The artist in her New York Studio. Photo by Vanessa Lentz.

The artist in her New York Studio. Photo by Vanessa Lentz.

"Art is my passion and it takes on many forms"

Pat Goodman


Art is my self-expression that presents itself as music to the eyes. My soul seems to pull bits and pieces from life to tell a story.

A colorful piece of silk, pigments, handmade papers, leather, paint, stones, glass, wood, cement . . . it becomes endless. There is very little that I see that cannot blend to tell a story. Then there is the moment of sitting in front of blank canvas. It is in that moment when the personal challenge to trust that which cannot see, but feel.  This feeling manifested as art has been a gift. Art is a mothering of newly formed souls on canvas, or glass, or paper or whichever medium I am choosing at the time. It is a blessing and an obsession. Art is a dance, a walk of suspended time. It is purely letting go of everything. My goal is to go into the direction of the heart… and try to determine what it is saying to me.  The excitement of this process cannot be fully expressed, but is always a joy to share.  

The world I see is beyond my five senses.  Somehow, I am able to give it language through the open doors of my imagination. It is a place where anything and everything is possible. It is art.